José Martí Awards!!

The-Jose-Marti-Publishing-AwardsI had a very happy day because I found out that some of my work published in El Diario de Nueva York and Atlanta’s Mundo Hispánico had been awarded during the National Association of Hispanic Publications most recent conference.

Journalists Nube Urgiles, José Acosta, and I wrote a series of articles for the 40th anniversary of Puerto Rico’s baseball legend Roberto Clemente.

We talked to her widow. We found a man whose life is dedicated to honor his legacy. We went to those who saw him play and shared life with Number 21. We were with those that have a yearly mass to honor his deeds beyond the baseball field.

The Roberto Clemente series we ran in El Diario won Gold in the outstanding series of articles category.

  • From early life up until today, Danny Torres’ life is linked to Roberto Clemente to the point that it changed his life.
  • We talked to Juan Mayoral, close friend to Clemente and his family, to introduce us to those who still remember the Pirates outfielder.
  • Mariano Rivera and other baseball personalities told us what Roberto Clemente means 40 years later.
  • We went into El Diario’s archive to find out how El Diario reported the story 40 years ago.
  • We talked to Vera, his wife, who told us about the discrimination and other adversities Roberto Clemente faced when he came from Puerto Rico to play for an Eastern Pennsylvania team. Can you imagine the life of a black Latino in such a time and in such a place?
  • We joined a group of Latinos for a special Roberto Clemente mass in New Jersey and talked to an abuela that still names him as his favorite player and remembers what he meant to her generation.

This the work in Mundo Hispánico that won bronze in the education:

  • Undocumented students in Georgia couldn’t enroll in the top five universities in the state because of their status, but they were getting scholarships in other states.

Along with colleagues Johanes Roselló and Mario Guevara, I covered all angles possible when the Obama Administration announced the immigration relief known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Our work won a bronze in the outstanding series of articles category:

About Gustavo Martínez Contreras

was born in Texas, brewed in Mexico City, seasoned in the Mexico-United States border, aged walking the streets of Philadelphia. He had a short-lived stint eating grits, fried chicken, and peaches in Atlanta. He later became a béisbol writer for El Diario de Nueva York. He has written about immigrant communities in English, Spanish, and some Spanglish. Although he does not have a shelf full of awards, Gustavo has received thank you notes and hugs from people who have trusted him with their stories. His work has appeared in Voices of New York, El Diario/La Prensa, Dallas’ Al Día, The Philadelphia Public School Notebook, Philadelphia Weekly, Radio Bilingüe, Latina Lista,, among others. He is currently pursuing a master's degree at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism.
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