Piojo has Mexicans dreaming of el quinto partido


Miguel Herrera, right, celebrates a Mexican goal against Croatia and runs to hug goalkeeper Paco Memo Ochoa. (Internet)

Miguel Herrera, right, celebrates a Mexican goal against Croatia and runs to hug goalkeeper Paco Memo Ochoa. (Internet)

It doesn’t matter what happens today between Holanda y México in their round of 16 playoff match in Fortaleza, Brazil, because by now all mexicanos know that Miguel ‘Piojo’ Herrera has to be el Mexicano del Año.

Beyond his gifable sideline histrionics that we got used to when he coached América in Liga MX, we mexicanos cannot give credit to the amazing futbol his Tri is playing.

This México versión Brasil 2014 is so fine-tuned that I doubt it would tie scoreless with Panamá or lose 2-1 to Honduras in the Concacaf qualifying tourney, con todo respeto caballeros.

El Piojo’s Tri has managed to keep that awful eliminatoria all in the past now. With the viral fame of his charming persona, Herrera is doing hella good for el futbol mexicano y la gente está contenta con esa happiness that only stays for a month every four years.

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Rubén Salazar on PBS tonight

1782183_706831476005077_400115468_nI will talk at length later about Ruben Salazar: Man in the Middle“, the documentary examines the life & mysterious death of pioneering journalist, Rubén Salazar, a UTEP graduate.

The documentary will premiere at 9 p.m. EST on PBS.

In the meantime, I am sharing a piece I wrote four years ago when the U.S. Postal Service released a stamp featuring him along with other American journalists that had died while covering stories. Salázar was the only one to have died in United States soil.

This piece was published EN ESPAÑOL in Philadelphia’s Al Día. You can also watch the documentary’s thriller.

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Minnie Miñoso, another Jackie Robinson

In 1951, Orestes Miñoso became the first black pelotero to play for the Chicago White Sox.

Jackie Robinson began writing the story that would turn him into a legend when he played his first game for the Brooklyn Dodgers in the season of 1947.

He’s now known as the man that broke baseball’s color barrier, but his stellar appearance—he went on to win the NL Rookie of the Year award that year—didn’t mean that every team in baseball embraced black players right off the bat (see what I did there?). 

It would actually take 12 years for the 16 teams the league had back then to feature a player of color on their rosters.

“Jackie Robinson signed with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947, but that didn’t mean that in 1948 all the teams welcomed black players,” professor and author Adrián Burgos Jr said. “As history shows us, he was the first one but there were other often forgotten players that had to go through the same route at each baseball team.”

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The United States of México

Mexican fans are loyal to their team.

Mexican fans are loyal to their team.

American fútbol is so happy that the Mexican National Team will be playing in the World Cup that it seems it has forgotten of its own team.

While Team USA faces Ukraine in an almost-empty stadium in Cyprus, a record 60,000-plus people will be at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta to watch America’s favorite sports franchise, México, play against Nigeria, as both teams prepare for the World Cup in Brazil.

And American businesses are ready to make a big buck off the Mexican fans that will get to cheer for their national fútbol team during its tour throughout the country, just months after el equipo azteca was almost eliminated in the qualifying tournament.  Continue reading

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Carlos Fuentes and Veterans Day

Today’s 11 November 2013. Y hoy, Google has new doodles to greet people visiting their search engine landing page, but people north of the Río Bravo or south of the Río Grande will get way different greetings.

GoogleFuentesIn México, Google.com.mx celebrates the birthday of the late writer Carlos Fuentes while in the US Google.com highlights Veterans Day, el día que se recuerda a todos los soldados que han servido al imperio.

I don’t know if this remembrance includes those soldiers who persecuted and killed Native Americans. You know, some sort of clarification on that use of the armed forces. Continue reading

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100 años de El Diario

El periódico en español más viejo del país está de fiesta y estoy invitadoElDiario100

El Diario Nueva York cumplió 100 años este fin de semana. ¡Felicidades!

Me siento contento de trabajar para un periódico con tanta historia y con una trayectoria de servicio comunitario.

A manera de festejo, escribo esta entrada con algunos datos de la marca de El Diario en la cultura pop de Estados Unidos. Continue reading

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Estados Unidos no quiere que México pierda

Boleto al Mundial Brasil 2014 y muchos millone$$$ peligran

La lealtad de los aficionados mexicanos hacia su selección es un prioridad de muchas marcas comerciales. Gustavo Martínez

Los mexicanos leales a su selección interesan mucho a varias marcas comerciales de Estados Unidos.

A Estados Unidos no le convenía que México quedara fuera del Mundial y por eso lo salvó. A medias, pero vaya que lo salvó.

El Team USA vino de atrás para vencer a Panamá, que por unos minutos estuvo dentro del repechaje eliminatorio para ir al mundial, y así darle al Tri una nueva oportunidad de ganarse un boleto a la Copa del Mundo Brasil 2014. Continue reading

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